The Lending Process

First Things First

At CIFI every effort is made to gain a solid understanding of your company or non-profit organization. To that end, we need specific information about the financing needed for your business or project. For your convenience, we have provided all of the forms you need to build your loan request. We have also provided you with a check list of supporting organizational and financial documents necessary to evaluate your request.

Preparation and Evaluation

The application process is a critical step in the lending process. We appreciate the time investment you make in preparing the loan request and for sending us the necessary supporting organizational and financial information. We anticipate that you will have convenient access to most of the information we request; moreover, this is information you likely use to successfully manage your enterprise or project. We have an experienced team of experts who are ready to evaluate your completed loan request in a timely and thorough fashion.

Connections and Discussion

Please contact us with any questions that arise while developing your loan requests. We may have questions for you as well, and recognize and appreciate that a discussion may be needed to clarify or explain your circumstances. We want to gain the best understanding of how we can get your project financed.

Tick Tock

Once we receive your completed requests, the evaluation process begins. After verifying that your loan application is complete, we will provide an estimate of time needed to evaluate and consider your request. Our team may need to visit your business or project site to inform the loan evaluation process.


We are committed to keeping you informed as your submission moves through the application process.  With a CIFI team member assigned to each confidential application, you’ll always know the status of your application.  We’re here for you and welcome questions throughout the process.

Forms and Submission Information

CIFI application forms are below. While you can download these forms to complete, you will need to save them to your computer and attach in an email to send back to us. Supporting documentation such as your financial statements and tax returns can be electronically scanned by you and emailed to us or you may use the U.S. Mail or other private courier. Should you use the U.S. Mail or a private courier system, please be sure to obtain a tracking number to ensure we have received your information. We will confirm Information we receive by email and encourage you to use an email read receipt feature to confirm receipt of what you have sent us. Electronic transactions sent to us should be sent from a computer that you trust is private and secure.

Here are the forms:

Pre-Application – Start here to get a quick response from CIFI staff about the fit and feasibility of your financing needs.  While a pre application is not required, it’s a great way to review your initial plans and determine if the scope and purpose of your request is a good fit with our lending capacity and mission.

Authorization for the Release of Information – Sign and return this form so we are authorized to work with you.

Source and Use of Funds Statement – Use this form to help us determine your total project cost, details about any other funding organizations, the total amount you or others have invested as equity and how the total funding will be utilized.

Personal Financial Statement (PFS) – In most cases, applicants owning greater than 20% of the organization that is requesting financing from CIFI will be required to personally guarantee the loan. This document will enable us to determine your capacity to personally guarantee the loan. Your loan application is not complete without this statement(s). The Personal Financial Statement is not required for non-profit applicants.

The Loan Application – Complete this form so we can consider your loan request.  This document also provides you with a check list of items that need to be included with the loan application.

Company Debt Schedule – This is required and should be included with your loan application.

Loan Checklist of Supporting Documents – This will help guide you in determining what information will need to be included with your loan application.