Information for Lenders

The Community Investment Fund of Indiana (CIFI) can be part of your  strategy to reach and support local businesses.

Below are some of the ways we can work together:

  • Co-lending with your bank: CIFI can work with your bank to develop a participation loan where we fund a portion of total project costs. Co-lending allows the bank to say “yes” to a loan for customers whose project has merit but when collateral or equity is not quite sufficient to meet bank underwriting standards.
  • Referring loans: CIFI is pleased to consider a loan for a customer whose commercial project is not yet meeting a bank’s loan underwriting criteria. A referral to CIFI keeps the bank relationship intact, while supporting your customer’s project.
  • Structuring growth financing: CIFI has partnership arrangements with other CDFI’s that have financial capacity and specific interest in particular types of loan requests. We work closely with these partners and with the referring banks to do everything possible to arrange for and structure the financing package to make the project successful.
  • Business development services: We have many resource partners that can help your clients complete a business plan, explore feasibility, conduct an energy audit, or create financial projections needed for a loan package. Additionally, CIFI will contract with outside experts if needed.