Markets Served

In order to capitalize better places and brighter futures, the Community Investment Fund of Indiana, Inc. (CIFI) provides development services and loans in qualified investment areas and to low income individuals that lack access to financial products or services throughout the state.


Our purpose is to generate positive change by increasing financial and social capital flows across the state by directly financing projects, assisting in leveraging additional capital, and facilitating access to program services. CIFI’s primary customers are individuals, businesses, not-for-profit organizations, community service providers and affordable housing developers.


[1] As described at 12 C.F.R. §1805.201(b)(3), a Geographic Unit or contiguous Geographic Units that:
1) Is entirely located within the geographic boundaries of the United States and either: 2) Meets at least one of the criteria of economic distress as defined under 12 CFR §1805.201(b)(3)(ii)(D) and has significant unmet needs for Loans, Equity Investments, or Financial Services, as described under 12 CFR §1805.201(b)(3)(iii)(E); or 3) Encompasses or is located wholly within an Empowerment Zone or Enterprise Community designated under section 1391 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. See 12 CFR § 1805.104(cc).

[2] Low-Income individuals or an identifiable group of individuals, or persons that lack adequate access to Financial Products or Financial Services in an Applicant’s service area(s); who reside within the boundaries of the United States. 12 CFR §1805.201(b)(3)(iii).